About AR Violinist

An Artistic Journey


From a tender age, I discovered the magical connection between my fingertips and the violin’s strings, embarking on an artistic journey that has woven the notes of my soul into harmonious melodies. Guided by the spirit of Toronto, my music has blossomed into a delicate dance between classical elegance and the allure of oriental enchantment.

With the violin as my voice, I’ve painted stories that speak the language of the heart, collaborating seamlessly with singers and gracing various events. Each performance is a brushstroke of emotion on the canvas of time, blending the timeless essence of classical compositions with the mystique of oriental musical traditions.

The stage becomes my sanctuary, where I channel emotions into soundscapes that resonate beyond mere auditory senses. This voyage is a symphony that echoes the pulse of Toronto’s heartbeat and invites you to join me in a melodic dialogue that traverses cultures, memories, and the very essence of humanity’s artistic spirit.

Elevate Your Musical Journey with ARViolinist's Classes

Violin Class

Embark on a transformative musical experience with ARViolinist’s expertly tailored classes. Whether you’re stepping into the world of the violin for the first time or seeking to refine your existing skills, my classes offer a nurturing environment where passion and progress harmonize.

Personalized Approach:

I believe that every student’s journey is unique. That’s why my classes are thoughtfully curated to suit your individual pace, style, and aspirations. Together, we’ll sculpt a learning path that resonates with your musical goals.

Experience the Joy of Music:

Beyond technical prowess, my classes emphasize the joy of playing. Through a balance of structured learning and creative expression, you’ll discover the profound satisfaction that comes from creating melodies that touch the heart.

A Lifelong Musical Companion:

Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring virtuoso, my classes lay the foundation for a lifelong relationship with the violin. Join me in this harmonious journey, where each note you play becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your musical voyage.